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Workshop at Malaprop’s

This past Saturday I did a workshop at Malaprop’s called “Writing Character Based Conflict–Desire from the Inside out.” There was discussion as well and in-class exercises on character development. I met some amazing local writers and we ended up staying for about 3 hours talking with each other about story and character and just being a writer.

I’m planning on adding a page to this site soon that will have some recap of that workshop and also some other writing related programs that I offer–as well as other sites and places of interest for those looking for workshops and contests and the like.

Stay tuned!

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New Issue of Blue Lotus Review is out!


Proud to announce the “out of hiatus relaunch” of Blue Lotus Review. I created this online journal a few years ago and then found myself back in the throes of new babyhood, and then again shortly thereafter and Blue Lotus Review bowed out gracefully for a while. But it’s back now and I couldn’t be happier with this issue. It’s a new format and really interesting new features. Come take a look! There’s art, literature, music, interviews, photos, book trailers, and more!



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