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You know it, you love it–the little knee smashing, folding table reserved for actual children and the friend or relative most likely to say something “colorful” at dinner. 

Well, here at my kid’s table, there’s plenty of goodies to be had. Check out some of the titles we have read lately.

 Little Cloud by Eric Carle                                             That Pesky Rat by Lauren Child  2 and 3

That Pesky Rat is the funny story of a rat who just wants to be loved.

Little Cloud is the story of a dreamer who finds his way home.


Mossy by Jan Brett                                                        Hug Machine by Scott Campbell

mossy Hugs

Mossy is the story of special turtle who becomes more famous than she ever wanted to be. This book is absolutely gorgeous inside. The story is lovely and the artwork is just like Mossy–amazing.

Hug Machine caught my eye because my son, Joseph, is a hugger and this book was him to a tee. Delightful and funny!

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