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Reviews for the “Years” books: The Lemonade Year & The Year of Thorns and Honey

The Year of Thorns and Honey

In The Year of Thorns and Honey, Amy Willoughby-Burle has crafted a warm heartfelt story of second chances, exploring how we move forward in grace… (Heather Bell Adams author of The Good Luck Stone)

What a pleasure it was to read the Advanced Readers Copy of The Year of Thorns and Honey, Amy Willoughby Burle’s anticipated sequel to the Lemonade Year…Above all, this novel is easy storytelling that undulates the highs and lows of life and the steady quest for the one, right answer—when more than one might do just fine. Bravo for a lovely read!  (Leah Weiss, Bestselling author of If The Creek Don’t Rise)

The Year of Thorns and Honey is an intriguing and insightful exploration of the intricacies of family and forgiveness. With vivid prose, lively dialogue, and a memorable cast of characters, Amy Willoughby-Burle’s delightful sequel to The Lemonade Year sheds new light on the complexities of love, the nuances of parenting, and the challenge of discerning one’s true path. (Erica C. Witsell author of Give)

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The Lemonade Year:

“When life gives you lemons, read this book. It’s a delicious glass of humor, heart, and hope.” (Sara Gruen, NY Times Bestselling author.)

My Thoughts: *Unidentifiable choking/screeching noises* I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to love it, but it sucked me in from LITERALLY the very first sentence. The writing: exquisite. The characters: real and relatable. The family relationships: heartbreaking yet beautiful. (Goodreads reviews)

The Lemonade Year is a powerful story about life and second chances. Set in North Carolina, this contemporary fiction is narrated by Nina, a woman whose life is in shambles. Nina and the novel’s other characters are complex — perhaps a little over-the-top and stereotyped in some scenes — yet endearing and memorable. As a character-driven story, the plot is filled with Nina’s reminiscings and not always chronological. Despite these frequent recollections, the story is easy-to-understand and completely captivating. Readers will adore the book’s wisdom and humor. Author Amy Willoughby-Burle packs an emotional punch with tender scenes, well-crafted sentences, and plenty of stunning imagery. The Lemonade Year is inspiring, entertaining, and sure to be a hit! (Compass Book Ratings)

The Lemonade Year is a smart, satisfying romance that balances life’s sour moments with its sweet ones. (Foreword Reviews)


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