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This is the official page for The Lemonade Year Review Give away! 

Get this lemony package for your kitchen! What’s included: Lemon theme dish towel and oven mitt, magnet for your fridge, and a fantastic smelling 9oz candle.


How do you enter to win, you ask: Super simple and one of the best things you can do to help any author that you like: Review the book!  Here’s how to review and enter:

  1. Review The Lemonade Year on Goodreads or Amazon
  2. Post a link to your review in the comments  on THIS page. (The posted link is your official entry for the give-a-way, link required.) Yes, this takes an extra step, but reviews are so important to an author, and I really want to see someone win all this lemony goodness!

Questions you might have:

  1. What if I already posted a review? Can I still enter? Yes and thank you for reviewing! Just post a link to the review in the comments and you’re entered.
  2. Does the review have to be good? What if I didn’t really like the taste of this cup of lemonade?  Your honest review is respected and appreciated. Winner will be drawn at random (by a third party), not based on the review, so everyone’s got the same chance to win!
  3. How long does the contest run? Until midnight June 15, 2018! 
  4. I don’t have a book yet, where can I get it? Here’s a link to Amazon where you can also write the review, but please feel free to purchase your copy at your favorite store or site to support those businesses as well. 
  5. Do I have to live in the USA to play? No, but if the prize needs to be shipped overseas, it will require postage on the part of the winner. Thanks for understanding!

Ok! Read, review, and stay tuned! (One of the best ways to make sure you don’t forget to find out if you won is to follow this blog and/or sign up for my newsletter. The winner will be announced on both!)

Thanks for reading!



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