All things are sent by him. The Good things, too.

There’s a passage that I pray in my morning prayer that reads, ” In unexpected events, do not let me forget that all things are sent by You.”

For the longest time, I have to admit, I read that only as all unexpected BAD things. Which was ok. It was a needed reminder that the difficult events of life (big or small) are part of God’s plan. It’s a comfort to read and pray that. It DOES remind me that God is with me in all things and that He is in control of all things.

But something occurred to me the other day. What about those little (and big) unexpected GOOD things. Those things are sent my Him to, let me not forget.

That unexpected warm afternoon. The pink flowers suddenly blooming outside my window. Strawberries that are sweeter than they look. A pleasant conversation with a friend or family member. Sudden laughter at an unexpected joke. Those rays of sunshine after so many rainy days. And the list of good, unexpected moments goes on and on.

Why was this such a light bulb moment for me? Don’t we always associate the good things with God? Maybe. But maybe we overlook those good things. It’s easy to cry to Him in confusion and fear when the bad things happens. “Why did you do this?” But do we stop and thank him for the good things? When those good things are big, I think we do.

But it was a revelation for me to be struck with the understand that all those small and lovely moments that lift the spirits on a tough day and bring a smile when a frown is easier are sent by Him as well. They are little rays of light, His light. Little lovely reminders that good is everywhere and that it is sent by Him. That particular truth is in that passage of prayer just as much as the way I was originally reading it. Both things, good and bad, all things, are sent by Him.

On this search for Lovely, what an amazing revelation. All the precious and beautiful little moments that happen every day are God’s way of saying, “I’m here. I love you.”

May you see those little lovely things and know that God is with you.

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