Amy Willoughby-Burle: Women's Fiction/ Sweet Romance

If you’ve been reading my posts recently you’ll know that I’m on a search for all things lovely. In my newsletter I mentioned a few simple things to do to seek out and notice “lovely” everyday. One was to simply write down 5 lovely things that you noticed each day. Five might sound like a small number, but if you’re in a brown season (read that literally or figuratively), finding 5 lovely things might seem like an enormous task. I thought I’d take my own advice and see if I could find 5 “things” that were lovely, and I thought I’d look right in my own backyard–literally.

  1. My chickens. Wait, what? Chickens are lovely? Sure thing. Lovely is a feeling as much as it is a look. I enjoy feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, hanging out with my sons who almost always can be found near the chicken coop because they love the chickens as well. The chickens symbolize simplicity, calm, easiness to me. When I’m outside taking care of them, I enjoy the sound of other birds and the feel of the sun on my skin. I enjoy the laughter of my kids as they help care for the chickens as well. Lovely, indeed.

2. My children. Speaking of their laughter and time spent… lovely is a indeed a feeling. I don’t have to think to hard to realize that lovely is all over their faces.

3. First flowers of approaching spring. Even though most things in this picture are brown–this one little yellow flower speaks of the explosion of color yet to come. It’s hopeful in it’s excitement to go ahead and bloom even when nothing else is. Even in the “brown” there is brightness. Lovely is found when you choose to focus on the light.

4. Buds outside my window. As I’m writing this, I can see these bright pink buds preparing to pop open. This plant (whatever it is) is always green. It’s wild and huge and determined. It’s its own search for lovely–never relenting.

5. Simple little succulents. I’m a sucker for these little plants. Maybe it’s the smallness. Maybe it’s the cute little pots. They just make me smile. And isn’t that what lovely is? No real explanation, just something that makes you smile. In this picture my eyes also find a mug given to me by a student. (Lovely) I also see a magic wand my kids and I made for a game we love to play. The blue, the sparkly stars, and the memories of being silly make me smile as well. (Lovely) One spot of lovely leads you to see another, and another, and so on.

All of these are small moments with bigger meanings and simple unassuming objects captured in simple snapshots. Nothing fancy. Simple. What lovely have you found today? Look for it and you’ll see it. All my love to you as you search.

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