Searching for Lovely/ Simple and Beautiful

On my search for Lovely, I remembered a television show that always gives me a sense of beauty and calm–not to mention new recipes for delicious and easy food.

Back to Basics with Ina Garten

It’s been many years since I had cable at home and pleasures like watching the Food Network 24/7 are religated to seeing it here and there when visiting my mom or inlaws or the random reuruns that Netflix has aquired. Until it occured to me that I could buy seasons of my favorite cooking show on Prime Video. Done. (Only a couple of seasons, but well worth it.)

Why did this show fit my search for Lovely? It’s all about the feeling I get when watching it. It’s not a high pressure cooking competition (although I like those), or a hectic race to get the dish on the plate (that’s too much like life). Ina’s show is slow, peaceful, and tranquil. Beautiful. Here’s my list of lovely things I enjoy about this show in addition to the food.

Photo by cottonbro on
  1. Beautiful gardens: Ina is always stepping outside to pick fresh herbs for a dish. Her gardens and ones that she visits on the show are like little corners of Heaven. Everything is lush and tidy at the same time.
  2. Clean and organized kitchen: The kitchen she uses on the show is all whites, and light brown cutting boards, green herbs in pots. Just so peaceful to look at.
  3. Trips to local markets and farm stands: This is one of my favorite things about the show. She goes to the local farm stands, specialty bread and cheese shops, etc. I love traveling along with her, vicariously visiting all these quaint stops.
  4. Flower arrangements: She loves to set the table with gorgeous flowers. Flowers are a must on my list of things that are lovely.
  5. Friends: She loves to cook for friends and have lovely little parties. I miss gatherings so much. Strange for an introvert like me to say.
  6. Good grammar: Of course. I joke, but I have to admit, I love that Ina says “me” when it should be “me,” and most people think it should be “I.”

So what’s the take-away if you don’t love this show or never plan to watch it? It’s the lovely. Visit a garden if you’re able. Plan and plant one when it’s time. Buy yourself some flowers. Cook with fresh herbs. Visit a small specialty shop–they probably really need your business. Call a friend.

Enjoy the slow, peaceful moments. Relax and look for the lovely.

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