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No offense men, but this post just happens to be written for the girls who miss their girls.

I don’t know about you, ladies, but I’m feeling a little like Jack from The Shining over here (and yes, I know he’s a guy–mixed metaphor of sorts.) I miss my friends. I miss meeting for lunch, hanging out at each other’s houses, going out for dinner and drinks. Sure, I’ve seen several of my friends here and there, but not in the same ways we’re used to, or with the usual freedoms to enjoy those times.

I know this too shall pass, and I try not to complain. Yes, I know I’m blessed–even without all the memes to remind me. But knowing that I’m blessed to have a house to clean, food to mess up dishes that need to be washed, kids to be noisy and needy (yes, there are memes to remind us of that as well) doesn’t mean that I don’t want a moment away from those blessed responsibilities. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want a minute to just be me.

Not mom, wife, teacher, social media coordinator, domestic less-than-goddess, cook, taxi driver, etc. Just me. That girl named Amy.

Girl time lets us just be girls. Just us. Talking, laughing, being. It’s a release and recharge at the same time. Needing friends (and OK, guys, yes, we all need friends, it’s about you too) doesn’t mean that our families don’t “complete us,” or that we would give up our kids and spouses (cue guilt) for all the peace and quiet and girls nights out in all the world. Of course we wouldn’t.

Do I have solutions? A list of 10 tips to make the best of virtual friendship time? No. This post is simply one of support. To say that I hear you. I feel you. I know how much that time with the girls at the coffee shop, over dinner, at a party, in the living room means to you. I know that the loss of it leaves you a little stir crazy. This post is just to remind you that it’s ok to be worn out, a little lonely, a little quicker to snap (or even a lot).

You don’t have to be happy every time you wash the dishes or cook a meal. You don’t have to love the sound of your kids fighting because one day they’ll be grown and you’ll miss it. (yep, there’s a meme for that, too. We know we’ll miss our kids. But if they could stop screaming right now, that would be awesome.)

You don’t have to feel guilty if your domestic goddess crown is tarnished or your motherhood cape is wrinkled. Mute the guilt music, it doesn’t make anyone who has lost anyone get them back and it doesn’t keep bad things from happening. (Yes, I know this goes through your mind. Mine too.) It just makes you feel bad for being a regular human being. Just a girl wanting to sit down for a minute and rest and maybe call a friend to meet for lunch.

In the meantime, hang tough, girl. And when this is over, meet me at buffet–I’m going back for seconds, thirds, and then I’m getting desert. Coffee after? Let’s do it. I can’t wait to see your smile and hear all the stories you’ve got to tell. I’ve got a funny one, too and I can’t wait to get to share it with you.

For us girls (ok, and you too, fellas. I know, I know, you’ve got funny stories to tell, too.)

Just regular Amy

2 thoughts on “Lamenting the loss of girl time

  1. mommylois74gmailcom says:

    So true, Amy. Everybody needs rest. We’re human. Even God rested after creating the world, and told us we need to rest also.

    1. Yes! Thank you. Resting is not one of my natural inclinations and I have to remind myself that not only it is ok, but that like you said, God tells us to!

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