A Writer’s Desk with Amy Hueston

Is it just me, or do you love to get a peek at where a writer does her work. I LOVE to get an insider’s look at a writer’s desk and home life. Writer’s are my rock stars.

Today on A Writer’s Desk, meet Amy Hueston! She’s a writer and a singer!

(speaking of rock stars.)

She’s another of my agency sisters that I’m proud to introduce to you. (Both of us are represented by the amazing Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency.)

Amy’s novel, Paws for Concern, just released yesterday! If you love mysteries and dogs and dog bakeries, this book is for you! It’s the first in her new  Canine Confections Mystery series.

So do you want to see into the world of  an author at work? (I love this part.)

Amy says “My writing space varies, but my dogs are never far. So here is a picture of my laptop and my dogs.”

I love that. “Anywhere” is her desk! Being able to pick up and go and take your furry friends with you, certainly would make writing anywhere enjoyable.

“On occasion,” Amy says. “I’ll get an idea while singing and might jot something down on my music stand, but the heavy lifting of writing comes at my laptop.”

“I write mysteries for Woman’s World Magazine sometimes and the first book in my cozy mystery series A Canine’s Confections Mystery is called PAWS FOR CONCERN.”


Find Amy Hueston online and stay in touch!

And, don’t forget this writer is a singer too. You can listen to Amy’s music here. 

Thank you for sharing, Amy. And thank YOU for reading!

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