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Do you ever wonder what it’s like in an author’s mind when they are thick into writing a book? When the world and the characters take over and life becomes this dual place of reality and fiction. I do. And I bet their work space becomes like another world as well.

Today on A Writer’s Desk, meet Kaye D. Schmitz

She’s another of my agency sisters that I’m proud to introduce to you. (Both of us are represented by the amazing Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency.) Although, you may know Kaye already if you’re a fan of suspense and mystery! Here newest novel is available now! On Deadly Grounds.

So do you want to see into the writing space of  an author at work? (I love this part.) Kaye shares two views of her desk with us–the one where things are tidy, and the one where the real work is being done. (Looks like a ton of research going on there on the right! )

Kaye has this to say about her space:

“When my husband and I built our house 15 years ago, we designated a room for my office. It is my sanctuary in which I am surrounded by my interests—anything Egyptian, a shelf of signed Steve Berry books, a shelf of unsigned John Grisham books, and my collections of Dept. 56 Snowbabies and miniature globes. My desk overflows with family pictures and toys—including a replica of the house from the movie “UP” (complete with balloons), a bobble-head Thor from the “Avenger” series, Giggle McDimples and Forky from the “Toy Story” franchise, and “Larry” the Croc from the “Pearls Before Swine” comics.

I have loved seeing all of the beautifully clean desks the other authors who have shared their writing spaces on Amy’s blog have shown us. And I occasionally have a clean space as well. But, the way I figure it, if my desk isn’t messy, that means I’m not writing, so it’s most often stacked with research materials or partial manuscripts. I’m writing my fourth and fifth books simultaneously, so it will be messy for quite a while.”

I was right about the research!

Thank you, Kaye, for letting us peek inside your Writer’s World and congratulations on your new book, On Deadly Grounds.  


Find Kaye D. Schmitz online and stay in touch!

Thank you for reading,

2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Desk with Kaye D. Schmitz

  1. It’s so interesting hearing how the author behind this great book thinks and works. Thanks for interviewing her and thank you for letting us get a peek inside your world, Kaye.

    1. I loved her comments about the space and I LOVED seeing the desk filled with all the bits and pieces of work that it takes to write novel. How fun! Thanks for reading!

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