A Writer’s Desk with Claire Fullerton

When I started these posts, we weren’t stuck in our houses doing all our work from home, but still, getting a peek into a writer’s working space at their home intrigued me. Perhaps it’s the same reason we love decorating shows and cooking shows where the chef is at their house–we want to feel connected to their personal world. I do.

I think, now, that many more of us are working from home, that glimpse into each other’s lives that we otherwise don’t have is especially interesting and makes us feel especially connected. So I’m thrilled to do more of these posts and thank you, writer friends, for inviting us into your homes.

Today on A Writer’s Desk, meet Claire Fullerton!

Although I have yet to meet Claire in person, we are agency sisters! Both of us are represented by the amazing Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency. It’s release day for Claire’s new book, Little Tea! Happy release day!


Claire has this to say about her beautiful writing space.

“I live in Malibu, California and the way my writing space is set up, my back is against the ocean view, or I’d gaze out the window all day!”

Wow. I probably would too, Claire! Here’s a peek at what she can see from her writing desk. Don’t you love those colors and that light!


Thank you, Claire, for letting us peek inside your Writer’s World and happy release day for Little Tea! Fall in love with Claire’s books. This a great one to start with!


Find her online and stay in touch!




Thank you for reading,

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