A Writer’s Desk with Leanne Smith

Is it just me, or do you really love to get a peek inside someone’s home? Does that makes me weird? My motives are good–I promise. I think it all comes from a desire to know each other better, more deeply. Seeing those places and spaces where a person lives their life give insight into their world, tells us a little more about them. With writers, I want to see where it is that their stories unfold, where their characters spread their wings and fly.

Today on A Writer’s Desk, meet Leanne W. Smith.

Although I have yet to meet Leanne in person, we are agency sisters! Both of us are represented by the amazing Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency. I love having a sisterhood (and brotherhood–there’s some dudes in the group, too) of writers to share stories, struggles, and successes. It makes a lonely occupation much less so!

Leanne has this to say about her wonderful writing space!

“My mother used to have a sun room that could have been a feature for Southern Living, painted a light buttercream. So when I got a home office, that was the color for me. I tend to hug the corner of my desk closest to the window. It’s not exactly the same as being in her sun room, but close. I actually take my laptop and move all over the house whether I’m writing or grading student papers or staying on top of email, but this is the room where the rubber really meets the road. This is where I go when I’m serious about it.”

Thank you, Leanne, for letting us peek inside your Writer’s World. I am so happy to connect closer with you, and I know others will be as well.


Find Leanne online and get to know her even better. Now that you know where the magic happens, pick up one of her gorgeous books and start reading! (Don’t you love these covers?)

Website: www.leannewsmith.com (Join her email list!)

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/leanne-w-smith

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/author/leanne.w.smith 


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