Writer’s World Wednesday

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On today’s “A Writer’s Desk” I’m thrilled to introduce you to Spencer Hyde. His first novel, Waiting for Fitz, comes out March 5th from Shadow Mountain Publishing.

Spencer has this to say about his writing space.


I’m lucky enough to write at the office—it’s called “working” while I’m there. I honestly prefer noise as I write, so I keep my door open. The hallway is always filled with different voices and conversations, and that keeps me focused. Seems counterintuitive, right? But it works. And I can’t get enough of the mountain view.

The Blue Chair

At home, I like to sit in the small blue chair while my four children crawl all over me. I don’t know why the chaos helps, but it’s like I find myself in the eye of the storm and all is peaceful in my writing mind while all else is flying by at 200 mph. Cleaning up around the chair happens once a month, maybe. So, enjoy the picture. It won’t last long. There’s also something magical about that chair. I’ve held every child in that chair. I took my PhD written exams sitting there. I watched my first Marvel movie in that chair–maybe that doesn’t fit with the rest! Seems to be it’s a talisman, of sorts.

I try to save the afternoon for writing. I like to get in at least one hour of writing each day, and then I’m off to pick up another book and read someone else’s beautiful stories. Reading the “hope machines” of others, their well-crafted and intricate stories, gives me hope.

Thank you, Spencer, for giving us a peek into your writing world! Y’all, get this book! I am so pleased to share this release and this author with you! I’m a fan of Spencer’s for many reasons (we share a publisher and an agent, how cool is that) but more importantly (because it’s a cause near to my heart) is Spencer’s commitment to bringing mental health issues out of the darkness and into important conversations that will make a difference. Thank you for that, Spencer. 

Find Spencer online at:





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