When One Good Book Leads to More

Billy Book

Let’s go back to the start. Story time with T-Rex (and one frazzled mom): Bedtime was a battlefield and  Gen. Mom was losing hope fast. The Little Army of Two was winning and it was getting ugly. All measures had been exhausted… then one last idea occurred to Gen. Mom. It was a total turn around of strategy. It was a complete restructure of tactical agenda. It was…. the Library.

General Mom wasn’t sure how she had forgotten about this simple technique: reading.

So, off she and Lt. T-Rex (that’s me) went searching for new weapons, I mean books. One of the first randomly chosen was called Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem.


It was a  well crafted. It was funny. It was intelligently written. It was her last hope, and it worked. The Army of Two sat, and listened. They laughed. They asked her to read it forward and  backwards–which she did, no, really.


They were lulled into a new state of mind. They asked for another book, so she read another.

Over the next few night, she exhausted the small arsenal she had collected from the library. The battlefield grew quiet and the Little Army fought less. It wasn’t always a peaceful surrender, but the new weapon, sorry books, helped a great deal.

Billy Twitters had saved the day, I mean night. But he had set quite a precedent and Gen. Mom would find herself back at the Library requesting a meeting with the Commander in desperate search for more books of such quality.

When she mentioned Billy Twitters to the Commander, her eyes lit up and she waved Gen. Mom over to the stacks. “Yes, I know just what you’re looking for,” she said.

And so began the brave new battle of the books! What would they read next….

Stay tuned for a favorite… does the name Jon Agee mean anything to you. Oh, it should. Come back next week for a T-Rex favorite.

See you on the battlefield,


Lt. T-Rex

Check out. Mac Barnett, the author of Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem. Authors are my rockstars.


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