T-Rex Loves Tacos

Dragons love .png

Wing envy? Hungry for tacos? Maybe, but whatever it is, T-Rex loves this book. I was telling T-Rex that I was one of those kids who thought a Book-a-Thon was the best thing ever. Read a ton a books and win a prize. I’m on it. No prize? No worries.  I just liked making that list of books. Going to the library was like pirate treasure, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, finally getting a different toy in your Happy Meal after you’ve already gotten that same My Little Pony five times. I love taking my kids to the library. Dragons Love Tacos is our latest new love. T-Rex totally recommends this book!

taco party.jpg

Party planning has never been more fun, or more fraught with danger. Find out how to plan the perfect dragon party, but make sure you read all the ingredients in your toppings first. A hidden danger awaits. See what will happen if the dragons eat those tacos!

We’ve already read this book so much we got a craving for tacos, too. Books and food, what could be better!

Patrick taco

This kid takes his taco eating seriously. That’s his dragon face! (Hair cut by sister, not by dragons, although it looks like it.)

Check out this book and fill up on food and fiction.

T-Rex Approved!



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