What is T-Rex Reading Now?

Can I bring my.....png

You know that T-Rex likes a good road trip, but did you know that he’s an avid reader, too. He wanted me to share some of his favorite books with you, so I decided to let him have his own column here on my blog. Look for more books and other things that “T-Rex Recommends!”

This week T-Rex wants to share Can I Bring my Pterodactyl to School, Mrs. Johnson. You’re probably thinking that T-Rex likes this book just because it’s about a fellow prehistoric creature. Well, sure, but more than that, this book is smart and funny and it’s just plain fun to read. (Hint, parents, this means it’s fun for you, too.)

Mrs johnston.jpg

Go on a fun journey of justification for bringing a huge flying creature to the classroom. When it’s all said and done, Mrs. Johnson, I don’t know how you could say “no.”

T-Rex would love to know if you’ve read this book and what you thought of it?

Thanks for hanging out!






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