Lauren Brandenburg; A Writer’s Desk

lauren header.png

This week’s This Writer’s World has us peeking into the writing space of middle-grades author Lauren Brandenburg.



Lauren says about her charming writing desk:

I recently had my husband build me this simple little nook behind our family table. I don’t like being alone in a room by myself and actually think better when my family is nearby.

As a homeschool mom, having my desk so close to the “action” allows me to work in my own space and literally turn around to help with math, grammar, history, or whatever my kiddos are working on at the time. I also love small spaces that I can make my own with all my little lovely things—like all my macarons 🙂

I try to handle all my marketing, social media, and homeschool related grading and lesson planning before lunch and then save the afternoon for writing. 

Find Lauren online at:

Buy her newest release Orlo: The Burdened at Amazon here. (While you’re there, Check out Orlo: The Created and her Boone series!)
Don’t you love this cover!
lauren latest release
Thank you, Lauren! Happy writing!

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