Annette O’Hare; A Writer’s Desk


Ever wonder what the life of a writer looks like–well, their desk anyway? I have. I love to image a writer at his or her “space” creating new worlds and filling them with people I love.

This Writer’s World Wednesday we get a peek as A Writer’s Desk with historical fiction author, Annette O’Hare!


“My writing space has a great view for when I need to think on something. Also, I have everything I need in reach…like snacks! The best part about this space is the chair I inherited when my dad passed on last year. It’s comforting; like I’m sitting in my daddy’s lap.” Annette O’Hare
Annette is the author of Northern Lights and Redeeming Light.


Amazon Links:
Northern Light –
Redeeming Light –
Find Annette online at:


Thank you, Annette, for letting us take a peek into your writer’s world!




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