Writer’s World Wednesday

star wars

So I just saw Star Wars, The Last Jedi… and I am renewed in purpose and spirit.

Ok, maybe that’s a bit much, but maybe not. I’m talking about story and the importance of it in our lives. Sometimes, as a writer, you wonder if what you’re doing really matters. So you came up with a good plot and a few quirky characters and your friends all say it’s awesome, so what?

What is the partaker of that story really getting out it anyway?  Today,  I sat in the theater (which had some awesome new reclining seats) wondering what was making me think that this movie was likely the best thing I’ve ever seen.

The effects, the costumes, the music… That was all stellar, but no….

I love the ships and the saber fights, the quirky furry things and the funny one-liners. I do jump around in my seat when the lasers flash and the fighters take flight, but what I love, what I was really moved by were the characters. Yes, in a big budget, sci-fi, action adventure, fantasy type thing…it’s always the characters for me.

Whatever is is that I’m reading or watching, I’m searching for connection in the characters. I’m clinging to their courage, I’m hanging onto their  hope, I’m feeling their failure, and thrilling in their triumph.

I learning from them and growing with them. I’m pulling for the good in the bad guy and understanding the bad decisions that the good guy can’t help from making. I’m understanding humanity and sorting out my place in the world. I’m finding the courage to keep on trying. Yes, at Star Wars.

So yeah, story matters. It teaches, reaches and delivers some pretty good speeches. It makes you step out of your world and listen to what someone else has to say and feel what someone else feels. It jars you with a comment that makes you see things differently.

“That’s how we’re gonna win. Not by fighting what we hate, but by saving what we love.” –Rose

Story stops us in our tracks and when we pick up our feet to keep going, we’re a little changed. Hopefully for the better.

Keep writing, keep reading. Story is a gift from God to teach us, to make us smile, and to give us the courage to keep on living and loving.

What do you love enough to save it? What matters to you?



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