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Attack of The Day Job!

Well, the other day job. That one that requires that I be at a certain place at a certain time and do certain things. That job where people of various ages and sizes are waiting for me to teach them things like reading and writing and oddly enough art. Yep, that one.

You know the saying, “Don’t quit your day job.” Well, I wouldn’t dream of it. I am blessed to actually love my day job. When I was young, I wanted to be three things when I grew up: a writer, a teacher, and a mom. Check, check, check. Wow, who could ask for more?

The place I go with the little (and not so little) faces hanging on my every word–ok, I couldn’t type that with a straight face–is call Elevate Life and Art. I teach creative writing, writing fundamentals, and language arts. I lead a student written newspaper, and I serve as the accidental art teacher (that’s a whole other story.) My students range from pre-K to high school.

(Here’s a slideshow from my day job!)

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In total, I teach nine different classes over the span of three days a week. I take a ton of work of home, but how cool is it that that work is reading fiction, editing essays, preparing writing lessons, researching artists, doing layouts for the newspaper, and prepping for arts and crafts.

I love writing my own fiction, that’s a given. But man, do I adore teaching writing to kids. I love those moments when I see a light flash in their eyes because a story idea has sparked in their minds or some concept of writing that had once eluded them has clicked. I live for the email from a parent telling me that their child once dreaded writing and now loves it. I adore when the kids crowd around me just to tell me about their day. And those little pre-schoolers, oh so cute!

Oh yes, attack me day job–give it all you’ve got! Do your best, and I’ll still beg for more.

So what’s you day job? What’s your passion outside of it? I’d love to know. Chat with me in the comments!

Thanks for hanging out!


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