Confessions, Secrets, and Truths

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~So, let’s just get right into the confessions.~

  1. Not everything I made turned out well.

I forgot to buy eggs early (as in I got them Monday and not two weeks ago) and when I peeled them, there was hardly enough egg left to devil. They looked terrible, but they tasted delicious.)

My apple pie filling tasted wonderful, but the crust was dense. One of the little dinos insisted that we add more water to the dough. I knew this would wreck the crust as I’d have to add more flour just to be able to work with it. I let him do it anyway–and yep, the crust was a bust.

My pumpkin pie must have been good, one of them is already gone, but they sure didn’t look very pretty. So, yeah, you didn’t see that shot on Facebook.

pie 1

2. Not everything I made was from scratch.

My green bean casserole (which I love, guilty pleasure) comes right of the can. I doctored it up adding some garlic and curry, but it’s the same old beans and cream of mushroom soup that you see on the grocery store shelves. Top with some fried onion and cheese, bake, and eat. Not from scratch, but it’s the first things I get seconds of.


I’ll let you in on a secret–if you’re looking at all the food pics on Instagram and are thinking, sure, I’d cook like that if I had all the fancy kitchen equipment and could afford the organic spices and such… yeah… I don’t have the fancy equipment either. I’m not saying I wouldn’t like it–just that I don’t have it. As for the organic food–Aldi. Don’t get me wrong, I love Williams Sonoma and Whole Foods just like any other home cook, (and I go there to daydream and buy something on sale from time to time,) but I don’t have that kind of dough for my dough. Don’t let that stop you. A broke Foodie finds a way.

tools 2

Here are the tools that I used in my kitchen today. Nothing fancy, but I enjoy the process of it. The table is the destination, but the best stuff happens in the kitchen. As for the ingredients, I shop the sales and hit the discount grocery store for about 90% of the things I buy. It all cooks up just the same!


sad pat 1

Truth: Despite the pictures, cooking with my real little dinosaurs is not always a commercial moment of blissful baking. I love that they want to help. I really do. I just don’t always want them to help, because I know how that show plays out. Back me up here parents, you know how this one goes. It starts out well, and you’re thinking what a lovely time we’re having here, just the kids and me and the whatever this is we’re cooking -(it all seems so perfect, you probably even think it in a British accent.) But then brother or sister comes in and it’s “my turn” and “he already got to pour something in” and before you know it, it’s Kitchen Cage Match and you’re the loser.  Again.

My littlest dino has been in rare form the last couple of days and he and brother have been in a constant throw-down. (I would have gotten a more accurate picture of the fighting, but I couldn’t hold my camera and break up the fights at the same time.)

So, no, our whole day wasn’t a lovely Hallmark movie moment. Along with the sweet came the sour.

So why only post the good stuff? Because the rest of it doesn’t matter. Not really. It’s all about how you choose to see your life. Do you see the rays of sunshine or just the rain? So when you see me posting the best of my day, know that the worst of it was there too. I just choose to be happy if given the choice.


Well, there you have it!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you have so much to be thankful for that your food got cold while you were praying. (Ok, I don’t really hope your food got cold, but you know what I mean.)

All my love to you!




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