Writer’s World Wednesday


I’m really excited to start a new posting series about my writing world. I hope you’ll join me every Wednesday (because that fits with the alliteration) for this fun look inside my head and heart.

I’ll be posting about the writing and publishing journey with tips and information for you as well. I’ll also be posting about faces and places that represent my books and characters. It may be serious or silly, but it’s all aimed at letting you inside my world with the hope that you and I will get to know each other better as we chat in the comments and connect online.

This week I’m featuring my home away from home: Malaprop’s Bookstore in Asheville.

The weekends are my prime writing time and more often than not, you’ll see me sitting in the window seat at my favorite indie bookstore. I’m a mom of four fantastic kids, but right now, writing at home is a challenge. So even though this mountain favorite is sometimes packed with people and the chatter sounds like I’m at a lovely literary party, I can open my laptop, get a cup of coffee, and disappear in the quiet of my mind to write.

I hope you all are supporting your own local book stores ( no offense “Big Guys” we all love you too) so that we can keep these amazing indie shops open! I’d love to learn more about your local store. Post links and pics in the comments and let’s share our favorite book spots!

Writer tip: Make friends with your local bookseller. Go to readings and support other authors who come to your town. Connect and network in a personal way. Relationships aren’t just about one person. Be involved and be genuine. This isn’t that hard to do as your local booksellers are super cool and you’ll want to be their friend!

What’s your favorite indie bookstore? Post in the comments!


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