He Sends What You Need

A few moments ago, I was sitting in my room at Wildacres Writer’s Workshop saying a little prayer in regards to my writing–praying that I would take this time to work well and create something that would be of service and enjoyment to someone who read it.

Then I got myself a cup of coffee and went back to my computer to continue working on a new book. I got to a stopping point and took a little break to check email. This is what I found.

Rabbit Room

A Liturgy for Writers.

As a writer, I especially liked this part: (read the whole prayer by clicking the link above.)

“Lord, let me love this world into being,
and let me love each of the characters I create, even those who choose to harm, who choose their own pride, their own strength, their own glory above what is right and good and true; let me love even those who turn from righteousness, who eschew grace. May I allow them the dignity to become themselves within the world I have created, and may I not impose my own will upon these creations, but leave room for them to make real choices of consequence to themselves and others. May they have something like a breath of life in them, and not be the shriveled fruit of my own moralizing.”

I am a character driven writer and it’s always my aim to create real characters who make real decisions (even really bad ones) and to illuminate the humanity within, no matter the face without.

OK, back to work!

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