Who is Writing Whom?


I just love it when your book knows what you’re writing before you do. You know, that way almost unbeknownst to you, that you’ve set up things to go a certain way without really being aware of it.

Sidebar: While you’re sick, you watch Jane Eyre on Netflix because you’re having a “I really should know this story and confession I never read the book” moment so you watch the film adaptation and check the book out to start on that too.

Then later when you’re semi-well and writing again you realize you need a last name for your female character–and you’re all: I’m going to make this little play on Jane Eyre because the female character in my novel has a secret that she doesn’t want anyone to discover (who ever does?) and I’ll make her last name Rochester just to throw a bone to those who love the story.

And you think that’s the end of it. But then you think: Wouldn’t it be neat if the male character actually gave her the book to read and she thinks it’s because he’s figured her out?

So you start to think about why he’d do that and then your book says: We already set that up. Remember, you said he was a former English Lit teacher. So, of course he’d suggest Jane Eyre.

And you shake your head and think, Yeah, Book, we did do that. Cool.

So off you go to do the laundry thinking it’s cool enough that you’re flipping the roles and making little inside insights then you realize, wait, my male lead has a secret too. And wait! It’s sort of Rochester-y if you think about it… so really, he gives her the book because he’s trying to tell her something about himself not about her… but she’s got a secret too and hold the phone… they’re BOTH Rochester. 

Then your book nudges you along and says… and…. considering the end, they might both be Jane if it all goes well. …. see what I did there when you weren’t looking? Glad you figured it out. 

You sit down at your desk in a “whoa” sort of moment and see all the pieces come together in this neat little semi-subplot involving your book and a book you’d never read.

I love story.

Thanks, Book. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. I mean, I can’t wait to see what you’ve already done!




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