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Thank you all for playing The 12 Days of Christmas! Here’s the list of prize winners, but as they say–you’re all winners to me just for being part of this!

Day 2: A signed copy of Matt Moss’s debut novel The Path of Man and gift card to Starbucks!  (Congrats, Tina Lance!)

Day 3: PDF of my story “Jesus Drives a ’65 Mustang.” (Congrats, Shelly Hudson!)

Day 4: A signed copy of my story collection, Out Across the Nowhere, and two mason jar tea lights. (Congrats, Mary Ann Buckosh Dany!)

Day 5: Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants and my Out Across the Nowhere. (Congrats, Leah Senona!)

Day 6:PDF of a new story in the Jesus series, “Jesus Takes and Astronomy Class.” (Congrats, Heather Burt!)

Day 7:  Signed copies of Out Across the Nowhere and Some Things That Stay. Some amazing coffee and a mug from which to drink it. (Congrats, Shelly Hudson!)

Day 8: Out Across the Nowhere, a 2017 Day planner, and a Starbuck’s gift card. (Congrats, Carol Sue Phillips!)

Day 9:$10.00 Amazon Card! (Congrats, Karin Klaustermeir!)

Day 10: Signed copies of The Path of Man and Out Across the Nowhere. (Congrats Valerie Holcomb!)

Day 11:Out Across the Nowhere, and also a lovely writing journal. (Congrats, Rhea Merrick!)

Day 12: (Was a freebie entry to all the categories!)

I’m so thrilled by the participation that I did an extra drawing! These three folks also win a signed copy of Out Across the Nowhere!

Kim Moss, Aimee Patterson, and  Bren Bowman

What about day 1? That was Christmas Day! I can’t top the gift of Christ. He’s way better than a book!

Thank you all again, and please message or email me your address (physical and email if you’re getting one of the PDFs and your prizes will arrive soon!) you can reach me on FB or at

I hope you’ll keep in touch. Please take a minute to sign up for my newsletter to make that easier!

3 thoughts on “And the winners are….

  1. Tina Lance-Melton says:

    I’m thrilled to be a winner!! Thank you for sponsoring this fun game. Love you to pieces!! My new address is:
    313 Post Ave
    Fayetteville, NC 28301

  2. Yay new address!! Thanks for playing. It was fun!

  3. Bren Fousek Bowman says:

    Thank you, Amy! I believe you have my address but let me know if you need it again. Love you!

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