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It’s been fun celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas with you! As the last day, I’d like to give everyone a freebie entry. Comment on today’s question and I’ll throw your name in the pot for all 12 days so that you have a shot at all the prizes you might have missed. (If you already commented on those days, you’ll get an extra entry!)

There are tons of signed books (mine and other folks), coffee, journals, stories, and more!

Today’s Question: What’s the latest you’ve ever left your Christmas decorations up or your lights on? (All comments get an entry!)

Post in the comments below!

(As always, for extra chances to win, sign up for the Newsletter and or join the Street Team.)

Winners will be announced at the end of the 12 days, so play often (go back to any and all other days and catch up) and win much! Tune in January 6th for results and winners. 

3 thoughts on “On the 12th day of Christmas

  1. Bren Fousek Bowman says:

    Dec. 31, 1999 (yes Y2K!), I had major surgery. Normally, I leave everything up until Jan. 6th. That year, it was almost March before everything, including the live tree, came down!

  2. Tina Lance-Melton says:

    January 15th is the latest I’ve ever left my stuff up. I typically take it down New Year’s Day.

  3. One year I kept my tree up until January 12…..I began taking down my tree in the den a little at a time. My husband laughed as he watched me take off the topper one day, the ornaments another day and the tree skirt another day. He wondered if it would ever come down. On January 10, his birthday, I turned that tree into a birthday tree with balloon as a topper, Hershey bars, birthday horns, quotes on card stock placed as ornaments, birthday cards placed on branches, birthday tablecloth was the tree skirt and presents were placed under the tree. Just he walked into the door, I plugged in the lights…mission accomplished. He was surprised and pleased!

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