On the 6th Day of Christmas


Oh my, we’re half way through! Be sure to go back to the other days and make your votes, post your funnies, and so forth. You’ve got until midnight Jan the 5th to play and win!

Today’s game: Fruitcake; yay or nay? (Extra points for pleading your case.)

What’s up for grabs: A copy of my story collection and a PDF of a new story in the Jesus series, “Jesus Takes and Astronomy Class.”

Vote in the comments below!

(For extra chances to win, sign up for the Newsletter and or join the Street Team.)

Winners will be announced at the end of the 12 days, so play often (go back to any and all other days and catch up) and win much! Tune in January 6th for results and winners. 

2 thoughts on “On the 6th Day of Christmas

  1. Tina Lance

    Oh my goodness, it’s an absolutely definite YAY!! I love fruitcake. If Christmas was a flavor, it would be fruitcake. I LOVE the candied cherries, and the mix of spices, the nuts.. It’s one of the things I look forward every year!!

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