May is Short Story Month

Short Story Month

Got commitment issues?  This month is for you!

May celebrates the little guy, the notion that big things do come in small packages, and a size joke of your choosing–yes, The Short Story.

It’s an amazingly underestimated form of fiction and if you haven’t taken it out for a spin, you’re missing an awesome ride.

This month I’ll be celebrating short story with a spotlight on some of my pieces as well as some of my favorites. You’ll get to chime in too and I hope you do!

So let’s get started?

Favorite short story writers?

Two of mine are Ron Rash and Luke Whisnant. I’m fortunate enough to know these writers well, but that’s not why they make the list. They make the list because their stories stay with you long after the last word is read. You find yourself thinking about the characters for days, wondering what could have been and what might be and believing that somewhere out there, they live and breathe and that you just might run into them on the journey one day.

Real. That’s what gets me. I believe it and it moves me.

So who are your favorite short story writers?


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