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heart is yours

Yep, you! You,  reader, lender of support, friend, enthusiast, commentor, (is that a word?) follower of this blog, signer up-er of the newsletter, fantasy casting agent,  etc…yes…YOU!

I just appreciate the heck out if YOU!

I’ve had so much fun this month. I sincerely hope you will stick with me, keep on reading, encouraging, commenting and riding along with me on this publishing journey!

Please take one last chance today to play the A to Z Challenge Games that have been going on all month. All voting for fantasy casting ends at midnight EST tonight (April 29th!)

You can always sign up for the newsletter and follow me online any time, but if you want to get your name in the prize hat, get that done by midnight tonight too.

I will post all the winners and the Fantasy Cast tomorrow!! Thank you all so very much!

My heart is YOURS!

Fantasy Casting for A Soft and Thunderous Noise: Over the course of the month you’ve met 10 characters from the novel and cast your vote between 3 actors. Tomorrow the cast list (and voter prize winner) will be announced. EACH character you vote for gets you another entry in the prize hat (10 changes to win!) for the A to Z A Soft and Thunderous Noise Grande Prize! You are welcome to go back through the casting calls and vote up through midnight EST, April 29th!

(Letters associated with characters are: B,C,E,J,L,M,P, T,V, and W.)

Follow Me on Social Media: This one is easy peazy! Simpy follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and or Instagram. Each page follow gets your name in the hat for the social media prize (4 chances to win!)

Newsletter Sign up: This one’s a no brainer and super fast! Sign up for my Newsletter and your name goes in the hat! You’ll want to do this just to stay in the loop about release dates, cover reveals, and special, ongoing newsletter subscriber only perks and give-a-ways.

One thought on “Y is for You

  1. So much fun, Amy. You are so creative! Can’t wait for the book to be published!

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