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I hope you’ve been enjoying the party this month! If you have, stay with me and keep the good times rolling. There will be more characters to cast and sneak peeks into the book–not to mention more chances to win prizes!

Today, sign up for my newsletter to make sure you stay in the loop on all the inside scoop! (haha) PLUS anyone who signs up for the newsletter during April will be entered to win the A to Z Challenge Newsletter Prize. 


Includes a signed copy of A Soft and Thunderous Noise upon release!

The newsletter includes special offers, newsletter subscriber only fiction and monthly prizes!

Sign up here! Just click the mailbox! Thanks!





2 thoughts on “N is for Newsletter

  1. D.B. Mauldin says:

    Enjoyed the post and signed up for the newsletter. Happy atozing!

    1. Hello and thank you! I’m assuming you’re an A to Zer too! I’ll check you out. I’m always blown away at whats going on in this wonderful world of ours.

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