Amy Willoughby-Burle: Women's Fiction/ Sweet Romance

Joe is on his knees–hurt, heartbroken, but still hopeful. He’s harboring a terrible secret, hating himself for past events, but hoping for love and acceptance. He’s knocked down–will he get back up.

This is Joe’s song.


A to Z Recap! Join the party, play some games, and win some prizes!

A to Z Blog Challenge Theme: A Soft and Thunderous Noise, a novel. Month long meet-and-greet with contests, prizes and sneak peeks into the novel and its characters.

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Month long Contests and Prizes:

Fantasy Casting for A Soft and Thunderous Noise: Over the course of the month you’ll meet 10 characters from the novel and cast your vote between 3 actors. At the end of the month, the cast list will be announced. Each vote gets your name in the prize hat (10 changes to win!) for the A to Z A Soft and Thunderous Noise Grande Prize!

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One thought on “K is for Knocked down: Joe’s Song

  1. valj2750 says:

    Hi. Stopping by from the A-Z. Interesting concept. Hope your publicity for your novel does well.

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