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I am thrilled to officially announce that I am now represented by the amazing, Julie Gwinn of the The Seymour Agency.  My novels are in good hands and I can’t wait to see where my publishing journey will take me next.


Contract, signed and ready to send

When I first started submitting short stories for publication there was barely an internet and no online submissions. I looked up journals in this enormous book called Writers Market, printed off my stories and put them in an envelope just like this one. Most places didn’t take simultaneous submissions and it was months before any response came. (My longest wait was three years–at least it was an acceptance.)


Things are different now, but it’s not easier. It felt a little “full circle” to be pulling out an old-school envelop and sending off, not a request to be published, but an agreement to be represented. Pretty neat.

Thanks, Julie, and I look forward to building a writing career with you. Thank you, family, friends, and readers for all your support and encouragement so far. I sure hope you’ll stick with me for this next part of the ride! Let’s all sit in the front car and hold our hand in the air–come on, there’s room for everyone!

4 thoughts on “This is where it gets exciting!

  1. Matt Moss says:

    Congratulations! It’s an amazing thing for someone to chase their dream, then see that dream come to fruition. Enjoy the ride!

    1. Thank you, Matt! I’ll be watching for news from you too!

  2. Valerie Holcombe says:

    So happy for you, Amy!!!!! I can’t wait to read your forthcoming works! May God continue to bless you and inspire you with this talent He has given you and that you are sharing with others!!

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