The Truth About My Day, part 6

Ahh, that was nice–time out with friends. I asked my husband how the evening went and he said “ok,” which is code for, “not the greatest, but they’re asleep now.” Thank you, husband. I really do appreciate you!


Well, it’s just about over.  So what has the truth about my day been? The truth is, this has been a pretty good day.  When I decided to do these posts today, I admit, I was expecting different. The last few day have been a pretty rough–ending with me strung out and hanging by a loose thread at the end of a frayed rope.  This morning didn’t start out any better. It’s like everyone woke up and just continued where they left off.

But then the day got on its feet and once everyone hit the ground running, it turned out to be a fairly easy day. Sure, we didn’t do school today (which is a whole other set of craziness that perhaps I will chronicle later) and I didn’t work today (I teach two days a week at Elevate Life and Art) so that took out a few major issues, but as any parent knows–any day is a crap shoot. Anything can happen. Anything ordinary. Anything devastating. Anything beautiful, Anything in-between.

I don’t know if I “accomplished” much. I don’t know what I set out to do today, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t get around to doing it. Maybe I did something even better. Maybe I’ll remember what it was tomorrow and if it’s still worth doing, I’ll think about it.

This day has been a blessing. They all are. It’s easy to see the easy days as blessings though. It’s a little tougher when things don’t go well. Tomorrow–well, it could be one of “those” days.

Just in case, I’ve got a bottle of wine in the fridge, good friends, great family, and God.

Goodnight and thanks for riding along with me today. Here’s to a beautiful tomorrow.

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