The Truth About My Day; part 4


How did it get to be 5pm already! So I’m back from dropping my teen off at a sleepover. The boys napped on the way there. Patrick cried on the way back. I Fielded about 112 questions from my preteen while in the car there and back.  Most of them were answered, “I don’t know” even when rephrased three times just to make sure I did not, in fact, know the answer.

I dropped The Riddler off at church school, went to the grocery store again, came back home, where thankfully, my husband was home early, so I left the boys with him to return to church to pick my daughter up and continue our question and lack of answer session.

But on the way there, I got to do two things that re-energize me, be alone (the first time that has happened today–yes, including trips to the bathroom) and listen to songs about Jesus–and I got to do them at the same time!

It was an awesome ten minutes!

Now we’re home and I need to fold the laundry I forgot about and get dinner. The boys have only had one fight in the last twenty minutes and it was a small one. I feel like putting up one of those signs like they have at construction zones–no accidents in 100 days…. No fights in five whole minutes!

After I feed the family though. I am going out for drinks with friends! This doesn’t happen every night, but it’s happening tonight!


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