The Truth About My Day, part 3

Poured another cup of coffee. Put lunch on the counter and took a bit as I passed by while cleaning the kitchen and doing the laundry. Found my original coffee cup–it was empty anyway.

Noticed the baby was making a sizable mess in the kitchen by swimming his dinosaurs around in the dog’s water. Decided I didn’t care about that. No one is fighting, crying or otherwise falling apart, so it’s all good. The dog can drink out of the toilet.

Phone chiming with texts about sleepovers, movie night with girlfriends, commiserating  with my sisters about the joys of parenthood. Don’t mind at all, as it’s nice to talk to the word at large. How did stay-at-home moms do this job when there was no outside world?  Yes, I imagine them opening their front door to a vast and slightly bluish and windy void.

Called teen and preteen from the depths of their room to straighten up the house and get the 2 and 4 year old dressed as we may be venturing out into the void–a process, but do able.  Thanked God for teen and preteen.

Yep, we’re leaving the house! Wish us luck.



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