So This is Coming is Out!!

Wow, I could not be more jazzed about being in the Carolina Mountain Literary Festival’s 10 Year Anniversary Anthology. There are some seriously impressive names on this contributor’s list and I’m honored to be among them.

The Carolina Mountain Literary Festival is just around the corner this Sept 11-13 in Burnsville, NC–a seriously awesome little town.  The line-up is amazing and I’m counting the days!


Charles F. Price (Introduction)  ¶   Kevin Morgan Watson (Introduction)

Each festival year is represented at least once.
Malaika King Albrecht   ¶   Marlin Barton   ¶   Joseph Bathanti
Danny Bernstein   ¶   Fred Chappell   ¶   Gene Cheek
Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle   ¶   Jim Clark   ¶   Mary Ann Claud
Mark de Castrique   ¶   Abigail DeWitt   ¶  Hilda Downer   ¶   John Ehle
Christine Hale   ¶   Tommy Hays   ¶   Holly Iglesias   ¶   Jeremy B. Jones
Britt Kaufmann   ¶   Brian Lee Knopp   ¶  Vicki Lane   ¶  Brent Martin
Marilyn McVicker   ¶   Mindi Meltz   ¶   Susan Laughter Meyers
Robert Morgan   ¶   Heather Newton   ¶   Glenis Redmond
Catherine Reid   ¶   Beth Revis   ¶   Pat Riviere-Seel   ¶   Jim R. Rogers
Monika Schröder   ¶   Christopher Scotton   ¶   Kane Smego
Marci Spencer   ¶   Shelby Stephenson   ¶   Bob Watts
Stephanie Powell Watts   ¶   Amy Willoughby-Burle

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