This is Amazing (the challenge, not my video)

As part of the Imagine Team I was nominated to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Samantha Redstreake Geary.

At the time I donated, the total was 70.2 million dollars in 27 days from nearly 2 million donors!!  Wow! Talk about making a difference.

After much technical difficulty–not limited to, but including this being the second take as the first video was lost (do I get extra points for having done it twice)–here is part 1 and part 2 of my ice bucket challenge as the video cut before I could name any names (Which means my daughter thought it was over and stopped filming. Hey, for a 9 year old who’d lost interest after the ice dumped on her mother’s head, she did a good job.)

(listen for my 3 year old laughing in the background) Part 1



Part 2


As friends and fellow writers, I nominated: All contributors, past and present, in Blue Lotus Review, the writers of Wildacres Writers Workshop, and the kids in the Epic Writing Class at Elevate in Asheville. I know at least some of the folks in these groups will take on challenge.

Donate here and let’s help create a world without ALS

One thought on “This is Amazing (the challenge, not my video)

  1. LOL!! THAT was hysterical *especially the little giggles in the background*! Too funny that we both ran into the same flippin’ filming issue *shakes fist @ video debacles*! And yes, you do get extra cool points for doing it twice:)

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